Hi, you can call me SS!

I am married to my beautiful wife who is in every aspect a better part of me! I am based in Singapore and would love to go on adventures to see the world. I am afraid of heights so please don't take me to high places! Especially those glass-bottomed platforms, a no-no!

I love being behind a camera and turning moments into memories. Ever since I was young, I enjoyed taking pictures using my dad's digital camera. It wasn't until 2018 where I purchased my first DSLR and the interest materialized into a passion that I am proud to call my own. Dear Pixels was inspired by my awesome wedding photographers (Kuan Yee from @happyphotopeople, Katie Grant from @katiegrantphoto and Bryan from @antelopestudios) and a little experience of how a family group photo that I took for my friend's birthday, turned out to be the last photo that her family had with her late grandmother. This changed my life and how I viewed photographs. They aren't just flat images, they carry memories, history and something that can be shared to future generations.

I feel that the opportunity to capture memories for someone, is one of the most amazing blessings I can receive, and give as well. So if you are looking for a memory-creator, let's do it together!